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 Chronic Diabetic Ulcers

 Chronic Pressure Ulcers (AKA Pressure Sores, Decubitus Ulcers or Bedsores)

 Chronic Venous Ulcers

  Chronic Varicose Ulcers

 Skin Tears

 Chronic Wounds That Won’t Heal


This is a simple, natural, organic Home Remedy. The PH.D University Researcher that discovered it earned an “Order Of The British Empire Award”. This remedy for chronic wounds has been tested in more than 100 scientific reports showing that it will:

Successfully heal all types of Skin Ulcers & Chronic Wounds

Your wound STERILE and ODORLESS in 7 days

Visible Healing in 7 days – Guaranteed

A remedy that is easy, quick and inexpensive ($60-$100)

So simple you can do it yourself at home!

Includes a Doctor Approved Plan Of Action – no guesswork!

Discover A Proven Method Delivering Results You Want And Need!

You will see scientific tests carried out by high qualified Hospitals, Doctors, Medical Researchers and Scientists. You’ll see that the method is used in hospitals, medical and wound centres with great success. You’ll see the before and after pictures.

Look At These Healing Results!

“85% healed in 7 days compared to 30% with other methods”

“99% healed within 21 days”

When Modern Medicine “Failed” Leaving Suffering Patients With Long Term Chronic Ulcers!

In a 100 day study,10 patients with unhealed ulcers averaging 3 years 4 months (1,215 days). All normal modern medical treatments had failed, so their treatment protocol was changed to this method:

“7 healed within 28-100 days”

“Remainder had wound size reduced by 90% and were healing”

What Does Paradise Look Like To You?

Before we go further let’s take a minute and imagine what paradise would look like to you. Only you know the progress or state of your disease and what limitations you face.

When my leg ulcers are healed I would  like to……….? (use your imagination here)

Golf, dancing, restaurants, BBQ, walk, run, swim, vacation, friends, parties…..?

Tropical Resort with Palm Trees
Tropical resort


If You Came Here Looking For a Solution For Your Chronic Leg Ulcers This Message Is Just For You.

Here’s Why……

Leg and Foot Ulcers are an ugly symptom of several existing diseases that cause blood circulation in your legs to collapse. Worse, they indicate that your body’s immune system is breaking down and no longer functioning properly. The usual causes are:

clanbomberDiseases like diabetes

clanbomberVenous Insufficiency (blood can’t move in the legs)

clanbomberPressure ulcers from rubbing on a wheelchair

clanbomberPressure sores from being bedridden

Your skin becomes dry, rough and easily injured by the slightest  bump, callus, boil, pimple, scratch, bug bite or pressure from clothing, shoes or bedding. This can cause ulcer wounds that frequently get infected. Even if they don’t get infected the lack of immune system response leaves an open, painful, unhealing wound on the body that can be easily infected in the future.

Without blood flow to the wound area, the body’s natural healing fails.

Antibiotics can’t get to the infection through  the bloodstream and antibiotic creams can’t penetrate your skin. This creates a situation where the bacteria can thrive in a “no man’s land” literally eating your flesh like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

As a result of your infections, these wound bacteria can eat right down to the bone and eventually your leg has to be amputated to prevent your death from gangrene or other causes.


These type of long-lasting, open wounds are extremely painful. Constant throbbing, aching and stinging sensations can break even the toughest people. Walking, sleeping, contact with clothing, shoes or bandages can be very painful if not impossible. Many victims are reduced to using wheelchairs for getting around when they can no longer walk.

Very Painful Wound
A Very Painful Wound


Debridement is the process where they remove the dead tissue or the leakage from the wound with a scalpel, chemical or mechanical action and it requires some form of anaesthesia that can range from:

button_cancelmild pain relieving creams on the skin

button_cancelNeedle shots that freeze the area

button_cancelfull surgery with anaesthetic depending on how severe the wounds are

Needless to say, this is painful and expensive, even disabling!

Removal of Diseased Flesh on Leg
Removal (Debridement) of Diseased Flesh on Leg

Painkillers Aren’t Good For You!

Having to take painkillers to overcome constant pain has consequences too. Your body is not designed for an ongoing diet of painkillers. They can cause you:

clanbomberStomach issues

clanbomberStomach or digestive track ulcers

clanbomberOngoing discomfort, indigestion or heartburn

Ultimately they can cause acute renal failure from overuse!

Bad Odour

Long term wounds, such as leg ulcers, get very smelly from the discharges of the bacteria inhabiting the wound. Your body is literally rotting away as the bacteria dine on your flesh. If you’ve ever been near something that is rotting you know how bad the smell can get. Your wounds are going through the same process and can become very, very smelly and socially embarrassing.

You can put an end to any odour problem !

“The wounds were found to become sterile and odorless in 1 week”

Social Isolation

Studies have shown that people suffering from the pain and smell of leg ulcers become socially isolated and depressed. You become too embarrassed about going places with ulcerated, bandaged legs and a bad smell. You don’t feel comfortable in social situations and you start to avoid them. Friends start to disappear.

Personal relationships with your spouse can become strained. Intimacy, especially sex, disappears. After all, who wants to cuddle or even sleep with someone whose wounds stink and are heavily bandaged. Many times the only support for changing the dressings comes from the spouse who sees the wound and the resulting mess that is created.

Let’s face it:

button_cancelIt’s hard to live without your friends

button_cancelIt’s hard to live without your intimacy

button_cancelIt’s hard to live without your social activities

button_cancelIt’s hard if you’re unable to go places without pain or embarrassment

Strangely enough, research shows that leg ulcer victims begin making MORE appointments than needed with their medical practitioners simply for social contact with people who understand what they’re going through. That’s EXPENSIVE!



It’s Not Your Fault!

The fact is the medical system is failing you. Here are some quotes from various medical studies:

“A wound audit was carried out in a population of around 590,000 in the UK in mid-2005. It highlighted some of the practical issues of chronic wound care in the NHS.”

“One audit feature was the fairly high incidence of non-healing wounds.

  • One in three chronic wounds had been unhealed for at least six months
  • one in five for a year or more.
  • Almost 42% of leg/foot ulcers had not healed in the previous six months
  • 28% had been unhealed for a year or longer.”

“This is not unique to the UK: a review of wound treatment in a primary-care setting in Copenhagen found that only 51% of patients with a chronic wound had a significant diagnostic examination;”

  • 40% of patients with suspected venous leg ulcers had not been treated with compression
  • 34% of those with a foot ulcer were not investigated for diabetes

“In the Irish audit (O’Brien et al, 2002)

  • only one-half of patients with a leg ulcer had had its cause properly investigated.
  • The median duration of ulceration was eight months
  • 27% of patients suffered a  continuous ulceration for two years or more

“A survey of a population of around one million individuals found that in 83% of cases of leg ulcer the care was carried out entirely in the community, in 12% it was a joint effort between hospital and the community.”

“A review of studies addressing the effectiveness of training found that a large number of community nurses perform bandaging inadequately.”

“These type of studies have been carried out in almost every major country with little difference in the results over the last decade.”

One of the things that stood out to me in reading all these doctor’s plans of action were the protocols the doctors were using. In many cases, they didn’t even bother to diagnose the leg ulcer until a minimum of 6 weeks had passed. No effort was made to diagnose the bacteria that was preventing it from healing until it had reached the second stage. Only then were they starting to act.

Can you imagine being left with an untreated broken arm or burn for 6 weeks, while your doctor ignores common sense. Especially since medical research that has proven over and over again that with these leg ulcers………


Where your ulcer is located on your body, and how it looks, are huge clues as to the underlying disease causing your problem. Yet, as you can see from the above quotes:

clanbomberpatients displaying obvious diabetic ulcers are not even sent for diabetes testing

clanbomberpeople displaying probable venous ulcers are not even given an ankle-brachial index test (high blood pressure in the leg causes the ulcer) or given compression wrapping or stockings to                       alleviate the high blood pressure causing the problem.

clanbomberEinstein said: the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Why are doctors doing the same thing over and over when a wound             isn’t healing?

I can’t even imagine how bad these issues are going to become now that baby boomers are hitting the senior’s age bracket and these problems are predicted to skyrocket! While these ulcers can occur at any age the majority of the sufferers are in the 65+ age range.

The Pharmacy Industry Has Abandoned AntiBiotics

The pharmacy industry realized back around 2007 that it’s far more profitable to treat symptoms of your disease than to cure it. Cure it and you lose the future revenue. Treat the symptoms and you have a cash cow for the life of the patient. You may have noticed all the TV ads that currently run for controlling the symptoms of diseases you may have never heard of. The so-called Life Style Diseases!

The Pharmaceutical Industry has abandoned research on new antibiotics. The last antibiotic that could still kill the superbugs, like MRSA you keep reading about, is now failing us.

“However, colistin is hugely symbolic as it is used when other drugs fail and officials warned the world was now reaching “the end of the road” for antibiotics.

BBC 27 may 2016”

The End Of The Road For Antibiotics!

At this point, the world is facing a grim reality of a horde of antibiotic-resistant superbugs that the medical industry can no longer control. People like you, your spouse or your children, will be dying from infections that used to be cured with a simple pill.

These resistant super bacteria often show up in these various leg ulcers leading to the long-term chronic ulcers that result in amputation or death. (P.S. You’ll learn that our method kills MRSA and every other known superbug)

“the wounds becoming sterile within 1 week”


Amputation of Leg
Surgeon cutting through bone using an amputation saw, during the amputation of a right leg.

A huge consequence of these ulcers is amputation of your leg or legs. These type of ulcers can last for months or even years. If you’re reading this then you probably already know or suspect the existing medical procedures don’t work well.

The average leg ulcer lasts for 20 months and can cost you thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars for your medical treatments. When these medical treatments fail, as they so frequently do, the result is amputation. Last year, in the United States alone, there were more than 85,000 leg amputations for ulcers, the single largest cause of non-violent amputations. These amputations take place in many cases to stop the overwhelming leg ulcer infections from killing you.

The average cost of an amputation including doctors, nurses, hospitals, surgery etc is around $45,000. That’s $45,000 of your money!

I know many of you reading this may have medical coverage from employers or the government etc. That is, assuming it’s a covered disease.

But the fact is you are paying that $45,000. As the baby boomers age, the explosion of these kinds of problems will skyrocket. Medical premiums for employers or government taxes that pay your medical costs are going to rise astronomically and you will be paying for it. We also face the risk of the bankruptcy of our medical systems from overloading them with these kinds of medical issues.

Even if it’s not directly out of your pocket, please think of the pain and consequences in your life. Do you really want/need that?

“Relatively simple interventions can cut amputations by 50-80%“

Research has shown over and over that up to 80% of those 85,000 amputations (approx 68,000 people) lost their legs because the existing medical system failed them! Do you want to be one?

“ The Pathway to Amputation -is littered with bandages and dressings which have deceived both the doctor and the patient into thinking that by dressing an ulcer they were CURING it ”

“every 30 seconds someone is losing a lower limb to amputations due to diabetes “

The reality of these ulcers is terrible and if that isn’t bad enough…

Those Chronic Ulcers Can Kill You

It doesn’t help that you spend a lot of time in doctor’s offices or hospitals where your exposure to infections is sky high!

As we all know people die from diseases like the flu when their immune systems are weak and leg ulcer victims are among those with the risk of premature death. Catching the flu or an uncontrolled infection can kill you.

“MRSA is especially troublesome in hospitals where patients with open
wounds, invasive devices and weakened immune systems are at
greater risk of infection than the general public.”

“As an example the rate of death among diabetic foot ulcer sufferers runs about 12% and if amputation has been previously performed it rises to around 22%.”

By Now You’re Wondering Who I Am And Why I’m Telling You This?

Several years ago my world imploded when my doctor sat me down and announced that I had high blood sugar and he considered me pre-diabetic. I was already suffering from peripheral nerve disease as a result of the high blood sugar. My feet tingled and feeling was disappearing from them.

I was an ideal candidate for full blown type 2 diabetes and was at high risk of developing complications. I was somewhat overweight, suffered from high blood pressure and honestly, had a terrible diet. All the indicators were pointing to major problems.

Fortunately for me, I had a secret weapon on my side, actually several of them. In our family, we have a Doctor and two Nurses along with 2 Pharmacist friends. In addition, my wife was busy studying for her nutritional degree.

It goes without saying that I got sat down and was given a good lecture (spanked) about my health and where it was headed.

But the most timely (scary) advice came from one of our pharmacist friends who warned me the loss of feeling in my feet could lead to diabetic ulcers. Well, for a guy whose favourite activity was Karate, learning I could potentially have my feet or legs cut off, didn’t sit well.

Our pharmacist friend had mentioned a little-known way of healing foot ulcers and the resulting infections that most doctors ignore. My wife and I were amazed when we began reading about this miraculous method and soon realized there was a huge problem. Not with the remedy, but with the medical industry surrounding it.

Despite being found over and over to be effective, safe and inexpensive the medical industry was ignoring it. I must admit I found that hard to believe at first.

A Blinding Flash Of The Obvious

In a blinding flash of the obvious, I realized that there were several factors that were against it.

button_cancelThe remedy hasn’t been accepted by the Medical Boards that regulate doctors

button_cancelIn truth, that acceptance can take decades because of the next reason…..

button_cancelDoctors are restrained by ambulance chasing lawyers salivating for large lawsuits

button_cancelDoctors insurance coverage can be lost or terminated if sued too many times


But the REAL issue comes down to money. In the US where hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, surgeons, specialists and product suppliers made $245 billion just on diabetes alone in 2013. You can bet the idea of a simple $50-$60 remedy would have them rolling around on the floor laughing in those luxurious corporate board rooms. Here are some figures:

All Figures Just For The United States

okDiabetic ulcer costs are estimated to be $10-$13 billion dollars.

okVenous ulcers costs are estimated to be $14.9 billion

okPressure ulcers (AKA pressure sores or Decubitus ulcers) are estimated at $9-$12 billion

okThat’s around $40 billion just for the various leg ulcers in the US alone.

What was worse was that everything we read told us that wasn’t going to change. Any new methods being seriously discussed all had fancy new machinery, different surgery, hiring more technologists and doctors and hospitals and….well, you get the picture. Pretty much anything that would seriously increase the money flowing to them!

Nor did I see any evidence that most other countries did it any differently.

I’ve heard it many times in life. If you want the source of a problem…follow the money!

So What Did We Do About It?

I guess like a lot of activist-minded people…. we wanted change!

I mean how can anyone sit still knowing that in the US alone 68,000 people had their legs amputated because the medical industry wasn’t taking these leg ulcers seriously. Worse, people were dying! When you consider the number of people in other countries that would obviously suffer the same fate it should make any caring person angry!

And Here I was Heading For The Same Fate!

My wife, studying for her nutritional degree and having a passion for nutrition and natural healing, decided she wanted to write a book. And write a book we did. I did the research. I read dozens of scientific research papers that had been written about healing leg ulcers. It helped that the researcher that discovered this miracle and received “The Order of the British Empire Award” had written over 60+ papers that were peer reviewed and published. We assembled a wealth of information that we narrowed down to include the important parts to leg ulcer sufferers and a year later our book, “The Breakthrough Secret” was born.

“The Breakthrough Secret”

is your personal guide to understanding the risk issues surrounding leg ulcers and how this natural healing method will start showing visible healing within 7 days. It lists many other diseases that this treatment is effective for and will tell you where and how to source the material needed, along with a doctor-approved protocol to guide you in treating your ulcers.

I’m sure your desire is to live with your legs healed so that you and your loved ones can resume as much of a normal life as is possible. Would you love to get back your previous life before the disease and these leg ulcers pirated your best days? I’m also sure that not having your life at risk would be a relief too.

What gets lost sometimes is that your family, friends, relatives also face the same fears and stresses over your fate. I’m sure you’d be happier if you could relieve them of the emotional burden too.

We’d be happy to help achieve that!


Our book received endorsements:

From Doctors: – DR. T.W : – “I recommend this book to those interested in alternatives to standard anti-microbial therapies.”

From Pharmacists: – H.A -Pharmacist MBA – “did a fantastic job in writing this”

From Medical Professionals: – S.P – MPH (Master of Public Health) – “This E-book will educate you on some types of ancestral and natural remedies used to cure a spectrum of health problems. Due to versatility of usage, these natural remedies can be effective and even offer better advantages than these modern chemical pills”



Let’s Talk About Proof

Approved By The U.S. FDA & Others

Did we mention it’s approved by the U.S. FDA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other regulatory authorities?

Before And After Healing Pictures:

Patient “X” is a 79-year-old man with two diabetic ulcers:

button_cancelhis 14 months of “medical care” cost him close to $400,000

button_cancelit included 5 hospitalizations

button_cancelalong with 4 operations

button_cancelincluding partial foot amputation

button_cancelmonths of rehabilitation

button_cancelongoing pain, agony and suffering

He was hospitalized again suffering from acute renal failure from all the antibiotics he’d been given.

His doctors, having failed to heal the ulcers, tried to have his leg amputated saying he was going to die from the out-of-control infections. He refused. He went home, started using this remedy and three weeks later his ulcers were healing. Twelve months later he is healed and walking around with a walker without any re-occurrence.

That kind of stuff just makes us want to cheer!

Patient “X” Pictures
79 Year OId Beginning
79 Year OId Beginning
2-3 months
2-3 months
12 months
12 months


More Proof!

Diabetic Foot Ulcer 3 Weeks

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healed In 3 Weeks
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healed In 3 Weeks

Varicose Ulcer 6 Weeks

Varicose Ulcer 6 weeks healed
Varicose Ulcer 6 weeks healed

Foot Ulcer

This foot ulcer was unhealed after 6 weeks of what’s called “Negative Pressure Therapy”. The patient wasn’t tolerating the therapy so it was changed to this method. Two weeks later you can see the healed results on the right.


Negative Pressure Therapy Failed
Negative Pressure Therapy Failed

Diabetic Ulcer On The Toe – 4 Weeks Healed

Diabetic Toe Ulcer
Diabetic Toe Ulcer

Amputated Knee Ulcer – 8 Weeks Healed

Amputated Knee Ulcer 8 weeks
Amputated Knee Ulcer 8 weeks

Here’s Two Traumatic Chronic Ulcers
Healing time 3 weeks and 2 weeks


Chronic Ulcer 3 Weeks Healed
Chronic Ulcer 3 Weeks Healed
Chronic Ulcer 2 Weeks Healed
Chronic Ulcer 2 Weeks Healed

Scientific Reports

1/ 59 cases of wounds and skin ulcers that had not been healing for 1–24 months with conventional treatment. The wounds were found to become sterile and odorless in 1 week, pus and gangrenous tissue separating by themselves painlessly

2/ 12 cases of wound breakdown after radical Vulvectomy. The wounds, of a type notoriously difficult to keep free from infection, were found to become sterile in 3– 6 days, have a clean healthy granulating (healing) appearance, required the minimum of surgical removal of dead tissue, and to not need skin grafting as would normally be required

3/ 60 patients with chronic , complicated surgical, or acute traumatic wounds. In all but one patient, it was found easy to apply, helpful in cleaning the wounds, and without side effects.

4/ He found that in HD wounds there was early subsidence of acute inflammatory changes, better control of infection and quicker wound healing than that observed in the SSD (silver sulphadiazine) treated wounds.

5/ The mean percentage reduction in slough was 67% in the patients compared to 53% in the hydrogel group (p=0.054). Median reduction in wound size was 34% compared to 13% in the hydrogel group

6/ In patients with wounds infected with antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, not responding to antibiotic therapy, good results have been achieved after five weeks. The bacteria infecting the wounds were found to be resistant to ampicillin, oxytetracycline, gentamicin, chloramphenicol and cephadine. Wounds infected with MRSA
have also been cleared of infection and healed.

+ 160 more reports!

Sacral Ulcers

Of all the ulcers that occur, I find Sacral Ulcers the worst. The Sacral Ulcer is a pressure ulcer that bedridden or wheelchair bound patients are prone to developing. It starts on the buttocks or the coccyx (AKA as the Tailbone) due to friction or pressure rubbing against the area. Infection follows and frequently the infected ulcer tunnels right into the waste elimination areas of the buttocks. They can become contaminated with fecal matter and represent one of the hardest healing jobs of all the ulcers. But……

All healed within a matter of weeks when regular treatments failed!
Patient 1
Sacral 7 Weeks Healed
Sacral 7 Weeks Healed
Patient 2
2 months
2 months
Patient 3
Sacral Ulcer Healed 4 months
Sacral Ulcer Healed 4 months


While the Home Remedy treatment obviously works on Sacral Ulcers the location is extremely difficult for a person to work with. Visual inspection and cleaning are almost impossible. Sacral ulcers also tend to “tunnel” into the body (top picture) and thus need medication to be packed in the tunnel area. There are recommended ways of doing this but I would only work with a wound care specialist using our treatment for Ulcers.

It’s Organic

The good news is our treatment is completely natural, organic and so gentle you could eat it with no ill effects. It’s also antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory. It has a wide variety of other medical uses too. (outlined in our book P:16-19)

This is truly a miracle of nature!

How Do I Get This Proven Method And Start My Healing?

By now I’m sure you’re wondering what you need to get started with your healing?

Leg Ulcers - 7 Days To Visible Healing
The Breakthrough Secret

The first step is to get you a copy of “The Breakthrough Secret” your personal guide to healing your leg ulcers with visible results showing within 7 days of starting treatment. This will enable you to recapture your life, friends and relationships. Taking vacations, wearing shorts or even a bathing suit? You’ll end the public embarrassment and humiliation from unsightly wounds, bandages or the odour problems that accompany these dreadful ulcers. The book will help you to end the painful wounds and reduce the risk of premature death due to infections or the amputation of your legs. You’ll also save a fortune on doctors visits or ending up in the  hospital. Let’s end many of the drugs you’re forced to take just to stay ahead of the non-healing ulcers.

Our 100% No-Questions-Asked Refund Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

We’re so confident of our book and the proven methods we’ve outlined in our book along with the Doctor approved “Proven Treatment Method” that we offer a 100% No-Questions-Asked refund for 60 days after you purchase ‘The Breakthrough Secret”. If you don’t see visible healing starting by 7 days after you begin the treatment just write us at the address on our “contact us” page. Please include your purchase order number and we’ll cheerfully refund your entire purchase. You need give no reason or justification. Just the fact you’re not satisfied is enough for us. You’ll be able to keep your entire package with our compliments and our best wishes for your recovery of your health.


But first, let me add some bonuses to your purchase.

Bonus 1Your first bonus is our “Wound Management” e-book that is your Doctor Approved protocol designed to assist you in caring for your wound. This proven method will assist you with any questions you may have in implementing the knowledge gained through reading “TheBreakthrough Secret“.

Wound Management
Wound Management

While reading through various forums where folks are discussing their health concerns I learned that every time someone explained that they had healed themselves by using ………….? The next question was “exactly how did you do that”.

We’ve answered that “how do you do that” question for you with the “Wound Management” e-book. Although we could probably sell it for up to $20 it is included free in your package.


Bonus 2

Your second bonus is our “Delicious Diabetic Recipes” e-book that gives you an awesome collection of over 500 recipes! You’ll find recipes for things you may have thought you couldn’t have any more, like Fudge, Cakes and Cookies.

500 Delicious Diabetic Desserts
500 Delicious Diabetic Desserts

These recipes are so good that even non-diabetics will savour the taste and deliciousness of these recipes.

In addition, there are hundreds of main course recipes included. Get your social swagger back, throw a BBQ or dinner party and impress your guests with your culinary efforts with this book. Normally sold at $17 it is included free in your package.



threeYour third bonus is our “Secret Antibiotic” e-book. One of the major factors I became aware of, through research, was that the drug companies were abandoning the antibiotic field in favour of “lifestyle type drugs” which the patients would need for the rest of their lives.

secret-antibiotic smAs antibiotic resistance has grown the last line of defense (as quoted above from the BBC) has now been breached. Society is now facing a future where simple cuts and scrapes can rapidly threaten you or your loved one’s lives!

Both “The Breakthrough Secret” and the “Secret Antibiotic” could easily become your new line of defense against life killing infections. Although we could again sell it for $17 it is included in your package free.


4Your fourth bonus – “LEG ULCERS, NEVER EVER AGAIN” e-book .

When we wrote “The Breakthrough Secret” it was directed to healing current ulcers. We never considered the issue of stopping them in the future before they got started.

Leg Ulcers, Never, Ever Again
Never, Ever Again

To correct that we wrote another short book called “Leg Ulcers, Never, Ever Again“.

Make no mistake about it, these leg ulcers are a killer. They ruin lives. We never, ever, EVER want you to suffer them again. In this simple book, we’ll explain how to make sure it never happens to you again. We feel that there is a course of action available that will ensure that your chances of these ulcers striking again are minimal. We feel that with proper care and aggressive action you can definitely avoid or cut short any future ulceration.

While we could probably again sell this book on its own for $70 we’ve included in your package for free.

5 A series of 8 online video interviews with the PH.D researcher that discovered the method and received the “Order of The British Empire” for his discovery. He has also received a “Science and Technology” award along with an “Inaugural Science Entrepreneur” award and a “Lifetime Achievement” award from a grateful country and the industry he helped create.

8 Videos
8 Videos

In all, this researcher wrote or co-wrote over 90 scientific peer reviewed papers and co-edited two books on wound management. He has been awarded several patents for his work and has written numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

In these videos, he talks about the usage and results of his remedy when used on leg ulcers and other areas. This is definitely worth watching. There is no charge for this in your package.

Almost $200 Worth Of Bonuses For One Low Price

And Don’t Forget These Benefits

Visibly Healing You Within 7 Days

End Your Odour Problem 

Clear Your Infections

End Your Stress

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). Remember Einstein’s quote above: The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

You know where not treating your leg ulcers will lead. Is that really where you want to go?

Take a new action, and get a new result. Let’s get those leg ulcers healed and your life back on track! What do you really want for yourself?

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